Computerised Universal Testing UNITEK & UTE Machines with 95 New Series Panel

Features :
  • Completely PC Controlled.
  • Electronic outside PC cabinet. only one RS 232C Serial on PC is required free for interface. It is having advantage of Ease of Commissioning, Maintenance, Calibration, Trouble shooting etc. No any specification requirements of PC cabinet size, nor any ISA or PCI free slot required. Reduced PC related problems, failures etc.
  • Auto communication port detection on PC.
  • Any latest PC with windows 98/XP installed can be used.

Computerised Universal Testing Machines UTE HGFL

Window Based Software Features :
  • Graph Comparison, point tracing on Graph, Selectable result printout.
  • Graph Zooming, Scaling, Different units selection for Load & Displacement.
  • Test certificate & Single graph Printout. any printer is suitable.
  • Statistical evaluation software, includes Water Fall dig. Mean deviation, frequency distribution, Screw dig., Histogram. Also calculates max. Value, Min. Value, Mean Value, Variance, Standard Deviation (Other Satistical parameters on request.) Selectable batch & statistical printout.
  • Other optional software include SB01 (for Shear, Bending). RT01 (for Rubber, Textile), EE01 (for EE2 Extensometer), TT01 (for Torsion test).
  • 20,000 load counts in 3 ranges (0-20%, 20-40%, 40-100%).
  • 0.01mm Displacement resolution standard for UNITEK Machines.
  • 0.1mm Displacement resolution standard for UTE Machines.
  • Optional EE2 Extensometer. You will get two simultaneous graphs (Load Vs Displacement and Load Vs Extension) on PC. Proof stress, youngs modulus calculation.
  • Overload protection for full scale load. Additional Safe load entry for better protection.

Following features are applicable only for UNITEK Machines :
  • 2,000 Drive ratio, with precision DC Servo Motor & Drive.
  • Wire connected REMOTE for easy Loading / Unloading of specimens.
  • Limit switch protection on both sides of Cross Head Travel.
  • Watch dog safety to avoid malfunction.

Notes :

  • With EE2 extensometer, EE2 hardware & EE01 software is necessary.
  • There will be only power on switch & LED on external panel, All machine connections will be from this external panel.
  • There will be only serial cable connection from panel to PC.
  • For UTE Machines Control Valve & Release Valve operation is manual.
  • PC & its accessories are not in standard scope of supply.

Electronic Universal Testing MachinesElectronic Control Panel- 9400
Electronic Universal Testing MachinesElectronic Universal Testing Machines
Electronic Universal Testing MachinesElectronic Universal Testing Machines

All display / control through PC onlyAll display / control through PC only
Main ScreenMain Screen
Graph with EE2 ExtensometerGraph with EE2 Extensometer

Real Time Graph on PCReal Time Graph on PC
Real Time Graphs with EE2 ExtensometerReal Time Graphs with EE2 Extensometer
Graphs Comparision & Point TracingGraphs Comparision & Point Tracing

Statistics & Batch resultStatistics & Batch result